“Thanks a lot for the very good presentation you just gave…. Really very thorough and elaborate. And very nice and useful recommendations; I can already tell you that your slide with the 3 pillars (Brand, Features and Design) will be used in quite some strategic presentations! Thanks a lot for another great project — for great research, for excellent preparations and a very elaborate analysis”

– Sr. Market Intelligence Manage, Personal Care products

“i would like to thank you for your great work moderating the groups, contributing to our discussions and your report writing that matches with my expectations. therefore will definitely place you on top of my list for further qual research in China and will recommend you internally.”

– Market Insights Manager, Mother care & Baby products

We believe in qualitative research that is actively involved with and not removed from business needs.

Involvement goes beyond answering tactical questions. A highly collaborative relationship with clients can translate insights collected into good, solid, relevant strategies.

We create value-based services that propel our customers’ current businesses and identify potential new opportunities in their field.

We pride ourselves on creativity and willingness to experiment. Because growth of knowledge is powered by the ability to think “what if..” , “why not?”

We aim for flexibility in all aspects of the research process. This translates to prescribing and tailoring research approaches according to individual client’s unique needs.

Because with the ever-changing business environment, we know this is what is expected of research users as well.